Our Story

PETClosureS founders Chris Thorpe and Caryn Formby are seasoned experts from Africa’s packaging and industrial plastics sectors, both passionate about reducing carbon footprints and driving new, more sustainable consumer habits.

Many years ago, it was obvious to them that while PET was becoming the material of choice for food and beverages and had had billions of dollars invested in the technology, the thinking and technology going into closures wasn’t just lagging behind but having a vast impact on the recycling chain and the need to sort. The observation became the proverbial “But why?” question, and the ‘Why’ question became a venture into new product development.

Chris and Caryn set off on a research and development journey that would span some 5? years. After intensive market analyses and discussions with retailers, brand owners, FMCG manufacturers, plastics experts and recycling gurus, everyone agreed that PET containers needed PET closures. Fast forward a few years to the patent registration, funding talks, mould designs and then successful trials, and today some of South Africa’s biggest brands and retailers have given their production commitment and are wholeheartedly embracing this new patented PET closure and applauding the innovation, which, we must add, is a world first.

PETClosureS has also been working closely with leading closure manufacturer Fontana Manufacturing in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. This strategic partnership has opened up access to a vast scope of technical skills and moulding expertise, and Fontana’s personal attention has been integral to PETClosureS’ success to date. This is a long term manufacturing partnership and Fontana’s deep insight into new manufacturing processes and recycling trends will keep PETClosureS ahead of the curve when it comes to applications of PET in the global packaging sector.

Caryn and Chris aren’t the type to stand still for long and they continue to refine the overall design and colours, tamper-proofing methods as well as the market entry strategy. Next up is mould creation and testing for medium mouth closures. Over time, Caryn and Chris intend to displace any lid or closure that requires sorting and is therefore an impediment to efficiencies in the recycling chain.

Alongside this is the continued exploration of PET lids with magnification properties, and everyday secondary applications. See our iLids page for more on this.