Visionary closures

Secondary application of our PET closures

iLids - a different vision

Socio economic empowerment through the secondary application of the PET closures

The high quality and clarity of the PET closure gives rise to a second and quite remarkable application that utilises the magnification properties of the material. When placed over text, the clear lid performs exactly like a pair of standard reading glasses. This is entirely unique and as such it has been registered and patented under the name iLids.

iLids has far reaching opportunities when one considers that sight impaired people in disadvantaged communities do not always have access to medical aids nor the disposable income for typical reading glasses. Now, a standard item of foodstuff that is bought on a regular basis, can make a real difference to quality of life. The wide mouth closures can be used like a hand held magnifying glass while the narrow mouth closures used for beverages can be joined by a handcrafted wire frame or mounted on beaded frames. Just the make-up of these reader frames provides new revenue opportunities for artisanal craftsmen in remote communities.

PET ClosureS encourages brand owners to highlight the lids’ application as a reading aid as part of the product label.