A new era in sustainable packaging

New attitudes, new behaviours, enlightened brand owners, conscious consumers

PETClosureS’ patented closures breaks new ground in plastic packaging with a range of PET lids and closures that offer full recyclability, reduced carbon emissions, energy and cost efficiencies, and greater aesthetic appeal, coupled with new merchandising and labeling opportunities.

Recycling gains

A PET closure on a PET container eliminates the need for sorting in the recycling chain

Carbon gains

Lower melt points
Glass - 1450 degrees
Metal - 1000 degrees
PET - 275 degrees

Logistics gains

90% lighter than glass.
Honey in glass - 207g
Honey in PET - 27g

Retail gains

25% gain in shelf space
New labeling opportunities

The success of PET as a preferred packaging material for items like jams, spreads and chutneys lies in its physical attributes – strength, rigidity, thermo-stability and transparency, allowing for great freedom in product design.


While PETClosureS‘ primarily engages with brand owners, the consumer / end-user sentiment plays a significant role in the successful adoption of the closures. PETClosureS is available to work with retailers and sustainability teams on educational messages, and to ensure the aesthetics take into account both retail requirements and consumer preferences.